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The CoupleTrack includes a way to monitor both progress and alliance when working with couples. It also allows the counselor to assess the perspective of both partners at the beginning of a session, which can lead to informed conversations and treatment strategies.

There are two parts of the CoupleTrack: The Client Manager and the Session Manager. In the Client Manager you maintain a list of all your couple clients and their contact information. In the Session Manager you keep session notes, counseling progress information using the single-item or 5-item Progress Check, and alliance information using the Alliance Check. Taking together, this gives you a complete progress management system for your couples counseling practice, all stored on a portable device and backed up on your local computer.

The CoupleTrack has been developed by two psychologists: 

Mark R McMinn, PhD, ABPP

Stephen P Greggo, PsyD

We hope you enjoy it and find it useful in your work. Please be sure to read the Terms and Conditions on the app, as they speak to important issues regarding client confidentiality and record retention.

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