Relaxation app for Stress and Anxiety



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Developed by two clinical psychologists, this app helps you learn deep relaxation by providing a series of exercises ranging from 1 minute to 12 minutes. These exercises can be helpful when anxiety or nervousness may be affecting you. You can try each one and see which one works best for you. The short one can be used if you need to relax quickly in a short time. The longer ones can be used when you have more time to relax or when you are getting ready for bed. Although these exercises can be useful and used along with psychotherapy, they are not a substitute for psychotherapy. You can close your eyes or look at beautiful pictures as you relax. You can also listen with or without the musical accompaniment. Do what makes you feel most relaxed.

Relax4Rx has been developed by two psychologists: 

Winston Seegobin, PsyD

Mark R McMinn, PhD, ABPP

Photographs are by Lisa Graham McMinn, PhD. 

We hope you enjoy Relax4Rx and find it useful in your work.

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